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Say Yes To Profits is a Financial Management Consulting Firm, for service-based Women CEOs. 

Unlike traditional accountants/business consultants, we strategically combine financial consulting, and training, with proper money management. This enables our clients to become fiscally responsible while building the profitable, successful business that gives them the life they dream.

In fact, with our guidance, our clients increase their cash flow and bottom line, on average between $5,000-$15,000 in two months of working with us.

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Tanya Nebo
Nebo Law Group

I have been working with Octavia for several months now. I'm happy with the monthly business evaluations that provide me with proven insight on how to build a profitable business. We discussed past performance, goals and the best way to accomplish them. Knowing that my accounting is current and that Octavia is analyzing business expenses gives me relief and peace of mind. It feels great knowing that this part of my business is handled and not by me. Allowing me to focus on clients and building the business.

James Haug
Haug's Law Group

“Octavia really saved my books! I was with another accounting firm for a little under a year, they assured me everything was fine, it never was and honestly I am not even sure if they did anything. Octavia understands the accounting software and the intricacies of how attorneys have to run things. I lost a lot of money by not going with her in the first place. If you are an attorney, trust me and do yourself a favor, and don't repeat my same mistake. Hire Octavia to handle your accounting needs today.”

Lakeshia Williams
Be Empowered NOW

Octavia is absolutely amazing at what she does, I didn't go into the Profit Session with any expectations just an open mind to receive whatever she was going to pour into me. The advice she gave was incredible and gave me a "lightbulb" moment of clarity in my business. I realized that I was leaving money on the table and learned more creative ways to follow up with my clients and increase my sales. Thank you so much, you are a true blessing to me and I look forward to working with you on a regular basis!!!

Valenta Potts
The Heaven House

Learning the difference between making money and building a profitable business was the highlight of working with Octavia. Our monthly sessions helped me to identify exactly what was blocking me and what I needed to do to create it. I begin creating systems for my business that allowed me freedom to do other enjoyable activities. Her caring, understanding and easy personality was what I needed to work through my money issues. I am happy to report that I now make double the amount of money I had before working with Octavia. I will continue to work with her and recommend other business owners to do the same.

Melissa Sanders
Sanders Media Group

If only I would have met Octavia years ago! I would not have experienced many of the cash flow failures in my business. It seems as if each month I am experiencing a new “Ah HA” moment from our private sessions. I look forward to working with Octavia for many years in the future! Melissa Sanders, MBA

Karrion D. Lalor
Agape Transformation

I had my profit discovery Call with Octavia last Saturday.  I initially made contact with her to get more information about her accounting services (bookkeeping) specifically. I am SO glad that I didn't limit myself to simply gathering information.  Her coaching was right on time.  She helped me to be more clear about my goals, helped me create a targeted affirmation to bring me to my goal, and helped me get more clear about my elevator speech. Thanks Bunches Octavia for providing the information and insight I needed at the right time.  You are AWESOME!!!