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Greetings Nurse Entrepreneurs!

Have you started your independent practice but you are stress about how to properly manage your finances?

Are you bring on more cases but your billing is falling behind and your cash flow feels like a rollercoaster?

Are you worried because you received a high tax bill and you don’t know how you are going to pay it?

Then it is time to shift you from the bedside to the CEO…..

Here at Say Yes To Profits, we specialize in helping independent and full practice nurses build profitable businesses that enables them to earn more money, keep more money, reduce tax liabilities and operate fully in their passion.

The independent legal nurse consultant, and nurse practitioner industry continues to grow at an accelerated rate. Many states are now moving towards approving full practice status for Nurse Practitioners, which allow nurses to operate independently. And while this is excellence, many independent nurses are struggling to operate the back office of their growing business effectively. For example, bills are stacking up, clients are slow to pay, tax liabilities are increasing year after year and the stress of being a Nurse/CEO is becoming overwhelming.

We remove the stress of managing your finances, which allows you to focus on building your practice while having the confidence in knowing your cash flow and profits are increasing faster, smarter and consistently.

We offer the following specialized services for nurse entrepreneurs: 

Because we are the only accounting firm that specializes in providing cloud bookkeeping and accounting to independent practice nurses you will receive expert advice tailored to your business goals and industry. As an independent practice NP and LNC you are now responsible for payroll, overhead, business growth, business operation, as well as patient and client care. This can be stressful! 

We understand and therefore, we will enable you to reduce or eliminate that stress by getting your finances in order so you can create lasting wealth for you and your family.

We help you accomplish this by first completing a comprehensive review of your accounting, taxes, and business structure to identify your money leaks and tax saving strategies.

Next, we customize an accounting package that will allow you to leverage your skills in order to build the profitable, successful practice of your dreams. Last, we partner with you in a way that allows you to operate efficiently and effectively while supporting you on your road to success.


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