As the Chief Executive Officer of the Georgia Nurses Association, I had the pleasure to use Mrs. Conner’s services. What could have been many sleepless nights was anything but… Say Yes To Profits came in and provided clarity to a very foggy outlook and also provided recommendations on cost-saving measures that would prove to be extremely beneficial to our Association. An onset, Mrs. Conner came in and conducted an analysis on our spending habits including payroll and capital expenditures. She identified duplicative efforts and helped us correct those issues. Additionally, she helped usher our Association into the 21st century by completing as much work as possible using electronic documents.

Mrs. Conner unearthed many pieces of information that I was unaware of and she convinced me that things would work out fine in spite of the unknowns.

Mrs. Conner was patient in reviewing our documents and candid when it counted. She didn’t paint a rosy picture of what we wanted to hear, she told us what we needed to hear and provided professional assistance in helping us get to where we needed to arrive. While we are still growing and learning about our potential challenges, we have the confidence in knowing that with the support of Mrs. Conner and Say Yes To Profits that we will be in a much better place.

Thanks so much!

Marcus Downs (CEO)
Chief Executive Officer
Georgia Nurses Association


South Fulton Chamber

I just want to thank Octavia Conner for working with the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce and in guiding us on how to be more organized and knowledgeable about finances. Her guidance has helped us to keep more accurate and complete financials for the chamber.

Since she have been preparing the chamber’s financial reports, I now have more time to focus on growing the organization and other important productive chamber activities, while having the confidence in knowing our financials are in order for anyone to review at all times.

She has truly been an invaluable asset to the chamber.


Y. Dyan Matthews (President & CEO)


KarrionI had my Profit Health Check with Octavia last Saturday.  I initially made contact with her to get more information about her accounting services (bookkeeping) specifically.

I am SO glad that I didn’t limit myself to simply gathering information.  Her coaching was right on time.  She helped me to be more clear about my goals, helped me create a targeted affirmation to bring me to my goal, and helped me get more clear about my elevator speech.

Thanks Bunches Octavia for providing the information and insight I needed at the right time.  You are AWESOME!!!
Karrion D. Lalor, Agape Transformation


LulaThe Profit Maximizer, Octavia Conner, helped me to identify my #1 passion and how to generate multiple streams of income because of it. God is shifting me into my next assignment, similar to Ruth & Naomi of the Bible. During this shift, he will place individuals on your path to help you. It is my belief that God placed sister Octavia in my path. She has helped me tremendously gain financial clarity, organize my business and increase my profit. I believe she will continue successfully to move me towards my next assignment. I believe The Profit Maximizer can help you as well. I encourage other entrepreneurs regardless of where you currently are in your business to work with her!

Dr. Lula Brown, Author, Smileologist



Marla Bishop – Relationship & Business Coach, London, United Kingdom


OctaJames Haugvia really saved my books! I was with another accounting firm for a little under a year. They assured me everything was fine but it never was and honestly, I am not sure if they did anything. Octavia understands the accounting software and the intricacies of how attorneys have to run things. I lost a lot of money by not going with her in the first place. Do yourself a favor and don’t repeat my same mistake. 

James R Haug – Owner (www.hauglawgroup.com)



LorraineNow, how good is it when you have a financial adviser who will work with you to reach your business goals!  Well God told me to listen, so I did and now I feel really good about the direction my business is heading in with the support of my team.

I have good people in my corner and Octavia Conner is one of them! After starting with her, together we set benchmarks and even created a vision board. She then guided and advised me on how to achieve a HUGE profit increase and guess what? IT HAPPENED!

She’s helping me go places that I vision I would go. It’s really nice to work with someone who actually cares about you and your business and works just as hard as you to help you reach your goals and beyond!

Lorraine Terrell – Lorraine Terrell Event Service (www.lorraineterrell.com)


STerricheduling a session with Octavia was one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. After just 7 minutes I learned something that has helped my business tremendously! I am less stressed, more organized and making more money!

Terri Weller – Benson Mills Group (www.bensonmillsgroup.com)


ValentaLearning the difference between making money and building a profitable business was the highlight of working with Octavia. Our monthly sessions helped me to identify exactly what was blocking me and what I needed to do to create it. I begin creating systems for my business that allowed me the freedom to do other enjoyable activities. Her caring, understanding and easy personality was what I needed to work through my money issues.

I am happy to report that I now make double the amount of money I had before working with Octavia. I will continue to work with her and recommend other business owners to do the same.

Valenta Potts – The Heaven House (www.heavenhouse.com)


JillWorking with Octavia has been a great experience. I have been operating from client payment to client payment. When I first begin working with Octavia she immediately helped me implement a system that allowed me to increase my revenue and save a large amount of cash. The peace of mind I have from operating according to my customize Profit Breakthrough Plan is priceless. I know now that regardless of what happens in my business I am prepared! Private coaching with Octavia has drastically changed the way I view and operate my business. Thank you, Octavia!

Jill Lockhart – Caring for Kids Learning and Development (www.careforkids.com)


MelissaIf only I would have met Octavia years ago! I would not have experienced many of the cash flow failures in my business. It seems as if each month I am experiencing a new “Ah HA” moment from our private sessions. Octavia helped me to earn over $5,000 in additional revenue within only two months. It has been amazing working with her!  I look forward to working with Octavia for many years in the future!

Melissa Sanders, MBA