If you need an immediate boost in revenue, business operations and profits the two hour Profit Planning Strategy Session will bridge the gap between where you are versions where you desire to be. Regardless of what type of service-based business you have or where you are on your entrepreneur journey, I will equip you with the tools and strategies to move the needle forward in your business

The Profit Planning Strategy Session is for you if:

    • You haven’t achieved your revenue goal over this last few months possibly a year
    • You are unclear on how to price your services/products for profit
    • You need clarity on which services/products will enable you to build a profitable business model
    • You need help with understanding and using your financial reports to grow your business
    • You are struggling with QuickBooks Online and you need training on how to use it to grow your business – OR – if you would like us to examine your file and provide you with cash flow increase and profit boosting feedback

It is your time, this is your season, but you must take ACTions to achieve your goals. You are not here on this page by accident. You are here because you are ready to MOVE your business forward.

Guess what? You don’t have to travel this business journey alone. I am ready to join you on your road to success! 

Your $700 investment into the Profit Planning Strategy Session includes:

  • A 2-hour virtual, recorded session with Octavia via Zoom
  • 2-30 minute post-session, recorded conference calls




Digital Access to Power Up Profits Now training program. ($497 value)


Profit Planning Blueprint. ($497 value)

This customize map will outline exactly what you must do in order to solve your session problem.

Before the session, I will outline your ideal solution based on your completed questionnaire. During the session, I will guide you step by step to the solution of your problem by using your customized Profit Planning Blueprint as a guide. You will then take this map and achieve your goal faster and smarter


($197 value)

Don’t allow your current challenge to get any bigger!

Stop it right now!

Schedule your 2-hour session with me today. I will infuse your business with an overflow of proven strategies, tools, and a customize blueprint that will lead you to your desired level of success faster and smarter. The Profit Planning Strategy Session will set you up for success immediately! Upon the completion of our session, you will be equipped, empowered and fired up with proven systems and a blueprint that if you follow it your business will have no choice but to grow! 

The Process:

  1. Click the link “Invest Now” to process your payment
  2. You will then be directed to complete your Profit Planning Strategy Questionaire. Once we receive the completed questionnaire you will then receive the link to schedule your sessions
  3. Schedule your first 30-minute post-session and your two-hour Profit Planning Strategy Session
  4. Sessions Conducted
  5. Take ACTion
  6. Schedule your 30-minute post-session, 30 days after your Profit Planning Strategy session

NOTE – I only conduct five sessions each month. Don’t delay your breakthrough, schedule your session today. 

After just 7 minutes I learned something that has helped my business tremendously!

TerriScheduling a session with Octavia was one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. After just 7 minutes I learned something that has helped my business tremendously! I am less stressed, more organized and making more money!

Terri Weller – Benson Mills Group (www.bensonmillsgroup.com)

I am SO glad that I didn’t limit myself to simply to gather bookkeeping information.  

KarrionI had a session last Saturday.  I initially made contact with her to get more information about her accounting services (bookkeeping) specifically.

I am SO glad that I didn’t limit myself to simply to gather bookkeeping information.  Her coaching was right on time.  She helped me to be more clear about my goals, helped me create a targeted affirmation to bring me to my goal, and helped me get more clear about my elevator speech. 

Thanks Bunches Octavia for providing the information and insight I needed at the right time.  You are AWESOME!!!
Karrion D. Lalor, Agape Transformation