Reliable Financial Intelligence At Your Fingertips

When you need customized, reliable management reports and strategic business advice Say Yes To Profits is your “go-to” Success Team. With our CFO services, we will enable you to remain cash flow positive, maximize profits consistently and scale your business faster. 

Are you current experiencing?

Emerging Business. You have the vision but now you need the plan that will bridge the gap between where you are and where you desire to be. You desire assistance with building out your financial model, cost projection, strategic planning and guidance to help you earn money, maintain a positive cash flow, and maximize your bottom line. 

Rapid Growth. Your client base is growing, your staff is growing and so is your cost. Even though this is a very exciting period, you are starting to realize that maintaining a positive cash flow is becoming a challenge. With the many tasks on your list, some expenses are being overlooked. You desire someone that will advise you as you grow and keep an eye on your bottom line.

Expanding. You have a team and new clients are arriving quickly, however you are experiencing an internal breakdown and holes in your systems. For examples, processes are being forgotten or worse each staff/client has their own way of doing things, money leaks are becoming larger, staff production rates are decreasing, and turnovers are raising. You desire someone that will establish/strengthen internal controls that will support and promote growth.

Our Virtual CFO and Controller Services are designed to help you reach your maximum business potential in half the time at half the cost.

We help transform your business goals and dreams into achievable action steps by providing high-level advisory service and business consulting that covers the full lifecycle of your business.

What Do You Gain?

  • A fresh perspective on internal issues
  • Business Financial Health Checks
  • A dedicated, experienced team
  • Increase Profit Margins and business growth
  • Minimize tax liability
  • Timely, reliable, customize reports
  • Improve productivity

As an outsider examining your business, we hold an objective view, allowing us to easily recognize and solve those aspects that may be obstructed from the inside view.

Virtual CFO Services Includes:

  • Virtual Part-Time CFO to help you make wise, business growth decisions
  • Controller Service – structure and oversight of accounting team
  • Business Process Evaluation, Documentation, and Improvement
  • Key Performance Indicators (Establish, Monitor & Improve)
  • Internal Financial Controls
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Improvement, Forecast & Projections
  • Pricing and Service Line Profitability Analysis
  • Time Management and Business Operation Improvement
  • Client Acquisition, Retention and Profitability Capabilities
  • Strategic Project and Business Planning
  • Financial Due Diligence for Lenders

If you are earning revenue but do not have anyone guiding your financially we need to talk. Request your 30-minute Discovery Session today.